Rules of the game

Aim of the game:

Two players or teams challenge each other. One player or a team who wins the draw starts the game. First kick is made with white ball by kicking coloured balls. First coloured ball which is going to the hole decides which player or a team gets the ‘stripes’ (balls 9-15) and ’solids’ (balls 1-7). When all the balls of a player or a team have been goaled, they may finally kick the black ball (ball 8) in any hole the player or a team wants. When player or a team kicks this ball correctly to the hole – they are the winner.

It is the opponent’s turn whenever:

  • None of the own object balls have been goaled.
  • A foul has been committed.

A foul has been committed:

  • If the white ball does not hit any of (coloured) object balls.
  • If the white ball hits an object ball of the opponent player or team (except Ball 8 while own object balls are still on table)
  • If the white ball drops into one holes or jumps off the table.
  • If the white ball is touched more than once while kicking it.
  • If any of the coloured balls is touched except the white ball while making the kick.
  • If the white ball is touched or played by any other part of the body except the player’s foot or head.
  • If any coloured ball jumps off the table (except black ball) it is re-placed back on the original place in the middle of the table.
  • If opponent`s ball is goaled (it stays in the hole).

When the foul has been committed then it is opponent`s turn. Player can take the white ball to the hand („HAND PALL“) and place it wherever he wants on the table and make his shot.

Match has been lost:

  • When the black ball (Ball 8) is goaled before player`s own object balls.
  • When the black ball (Ball 8) is goaled together with the white ball.
  • When the black ball (Ball 8) jumps off the table.